Monday, February 16, 2009

*Day 12- nothing exciting.


This past weekend was the laziest we have had in a very long time. But it felt very good. I think we needed it. See, we were supposed to be flying out Saturday morning to Reno to visit the family and my brother who is coming home on his mid-tour leave. I am very excited about that, let me just say. But our plans were to leave early Saturday and be gone until the following Friday but Jimmy got held up in Baghdad until today. Which means he won't be home until the 18th which would have only given us a day and a half with him. So we are not leaving until Wednesday morning. We will probably only beat him home by a couple of hours. But because of the change in plans this weekend was ultimately a free weekend. There wasn't anything I needed to do, we had no plans so we didn't do anything. We didn't plan anything. Saturday I didn't even get out of my pajamas! Pure bliss.


Elijah's newest vocabulary addition is "I did it!". Cutest thing ever! He sounds so much like a baby and he is always so excited with whatever he just did. I need to figure out how to put videos up here. Maybe that would push me to be better about filming more of our day to day life. He also wants to walk on his own, everywhere. So cute, but we are finding it hard to adjust to having a real live kid. There is no more baby in him. He tells us when he is hungry, when he wants to sleep or play or go bye-bye. He tries to close every door within sight and always wants to have his shoes on. And he gives fish kisses. Good ones.

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