Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just One

It is amazing how easy one kid is! Looking back on how I used to think having just Elijah was I want to slap myself. I had a dentist appointment today so he went to his 'school' for the day. Just having an infant, even one that is insisting on fussing during the day, is cake! Although I did not attempt to take her to my appointment. Her daddy got to spend his lunch hour with her. And I am happy to report that I still have no cavities.

In other exciting news, little butt there is seven weeks today. It's amazing how fast the time is going. But enough talk like that, everyone always says that so there is no need for me to keep repeating it...

She slept well last night again in her own room. I'm hoping we will have no need to use the cradle again! And, as I am behind on keeping updates here... at her last doctors appointment, which was her one month check up, she weighted 9 lbs. 2 oz and was 20 3/4" long. Both put her in the 50th%. We will go in the first part of May for her next checkup, and her first round of shots!

Monday, April 19, 2010


We had Elijah's birthday party this past Saturday. It's hard to grasp that he is already three. Although sometimes it seems like he should be thirty. Like I've been a parent for forever!

It was a small party, with just the family and a few of his friends. He seemed to have a great time. He was completely spoiled, of course. He wanted a Thomas the Train party, which was really easy on me. Just lots of blue with some trains thrown in.
It seemed like everyone had a really good time!

In other exciting new, Tiny slept last night for six hours straight! But even more importantly she did it in her crib in her own room! Don-e and I are very excited about getting our room back. Not only for the obvious reason, but because we can't sleep with the ceiling fan on when she is in our room and getting too hot was giving us both nightmares!