Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Thanksgiving is in two days. TWO DAYS!! Can you believe it? I can not. Unfathomable to me. This year has flown by in a way I never imagined possible. And there are no signs to indicate that this break-neck pace will slow down for next year. Sometimes I think that Don-e and I's life together has flown by so fast because we have had non-stop stuff ever since we got married. Almost everything that is said to be stressful on a marriage has happened to us in our short four years together. Moving across the country? Check. Buying a house? Check. Having a kid? Check. Severe illness? Check. Starting a new business? Check. Financial hardship? Double Check. Lost jobs? Check. Relational Issues? Check. And this isn't even a completely comprehensive list. Sheesh. I just got tired writing that. And another three minutes, gone. *Poof* But then I think about where we might be had none of these things happened. And I wonder how bored I would have been. I wonder how strong our marriage would really be had it not been tested time and again. I guess I am telling you all of this to inform you that things are still very very crazy for us, but we are good. So very very good.

Now, I know that eons ago I promised you the story of Don-e's heart thing, but really, at this point it is old news. No one really cares anymore, do you? He has been 100% completely released from his cardiologist with a perfect health report and no indication of any residual damage. They still have no idea of the cause, or what fixed it for that matter. But I suppose if anyone were still really really interested in the story I will write it. Just leave a comment on this here post and I will provide. Those of you who know me know I aim to please!!!

On a more recent note, I have started working again in a real live job. I even get a paycheck every once in a while. This did come about out of financial necessity, apparently almost dying is expensive, but I would be lying if I told you I do not enjoy it. I love the sense of accomplishment that there is in gainful employment, so much more than is ever received from 'just being a mom'. Not to say that it wasn't deserved, just isn't received. The company is called Brigham Oil & Gas, and is an oil and natural gas exploration company. It is really interesting work, and I learn something new everyday. I will share more on it soon, as well as all the other exciting things that are going on in our life!