Tuesday, May 5, 2009


On my birthday about the only thing that I could come up with that I wanted to do was plant a garden. And being the amazing man that he is my husband agreed, and helped me haul dirt and wood and dig and get sweaty.

We got it done relatively quickly and inexpensively. But I had a ton of fun. There is such excitement in putting something in the ground for the specific reason of having it grow and be productive. And it is substantially less expensive and nerve-racking than having kids that are supposed to grow and be productive.

Although the one we do have is pretty cute. And I suppose it is a little late to be changing my mind about having kids, right?

It is really late in the season to be planing here. (Isn't that funny? Reno hasn't even begun theit growing season!) Because of the lateness we didn't have very many options about what we could plant. We planted a few different types of peppers, some squash, herbs and onions. Oh, and strawberries! The things on the very end are the berries. They are what I am most excited about. Mainly because they are one of the only two things that we planted that I like to eat.

Elijah took this picture. Genius baby, no?

It was really funny though, when we got done. I had wanted to plant stuff that weekend specifically because a co-worked had given me some tomato plants and they needed to go in the ground quickly. So I had prepped the bed, gone to Lowe's to get the rest of the plants and supplies we need, and then come straight home and done the planting. Only to clean up and walk back inside and realize that my tomato plants were still sitting in my kitchen window. And I had not left any room in the only planting bed we have. Genius mother, no?

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Anonymous said...

And here I had my bread toasted, the bacon crispy, the lettuce on, and the avacado sliced and ready to go, and NO TOMATOES !!!!!

Sheesh, guess it's back to HEB for lunch stuff......