Tuesday, April 21, 2009


On Saturday we converted Elijah's crib to a 'regular' toddler bed. It was very exciting, but at the same time I was very sad to admit that he was ready for it. There isn't much left that ties him to babyhood. So far though, he has done remarkably well with this new freedom. Every time we have laid him down he has gone right to sleep and while most of the time we have to wake him up in the morning Don-e told me that this morning he was already awake and sitting up on his bed. He just didn't get out of it until Don-e went in to get him. I have a pretty spectacular kid if I do say so myself!
The one thing that I am finding most difficult with this whole thing is finding bedding. His new bed is actually just his crib, missing one side. There are a few other modifications that happen, supports for keeping the mattress in place and removal of the track for the drop down side of the crib, but it uses the same size of mattress. While babies are small you are not supposed to use blankets or sheets to cut down on the risk of smothering, which means no one makes them, at least that I have found, for crib sized toddler beds. My Mom made Elijah a blanket for Christmas that is really neat and comfy but as it gets hotter here it will be impossible to use. I think I am going to have to make stuff myself, because all he is really going to need in the summer months is a sheet and maybe a light blanket, depending on how high we have the air on. Plus we are really hoping that he will only use it for a few months until we have the need for a crib again. No, I am not pregnant we are just hoping it will happen. At that point we will buy Elijah a larger size bed of his own.
Any advice on making sheets and/or light blankets?

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