Thursday, May 7, 2009

Secrets. But not about the Garden.

I have a confession.

See, almost all of the pictures that I post on here are taken with my iphone. Most of the pictures that you see are ones that I take with the specific purpose of posting them here, and doing so with my iphone is really convenient. From my phone I can email them to my computer for uploading as opposed to having to download my camera every day or so. Plus, the camera that we have is several years old, and not the greatest thing to begin with.

For right now this is a pretty good system.

But really, deep down, if I could have my way......
I really really want a good camera. Something that gives me more control over the speed and aperture and focus. Something that I can put different types of lenses on to achieve different types of effects.
Something like this...
Something that would allow me to create art, not just take a picture.
I know I have no where close to my husband's creative ability. Not even a fraction of a fraction. But sometimes I see something, and it creates a snapshot in my mind, something that I know could be beautifully capture and enjoyed for more than just the moment that it occurs. And it makes me want to create.
Someday, because this isn't something that just popped into my mind in the last month or two, I will be able to put aside the money to pursue this hobby. But for now we both have to be satisfied with shots like this.

But I guess it really isn't that much of a hardship, is it?

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Anonymous said...

You are creative in more ways than you can possibly imagine, with or without a "good" camera.
I love you. and the small boy who hasn't quite figured out how to eat an ice cream bar yet.
And the man who leads you both.