Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stupid Jerk

So this morning I asked Don-e to email me something that is on our lap top before he left for work, as I had forgotten to make a copy of it before I left for work myself. I requested this little act in a text message. He writes back "What happened to the lap top?". Immediately the worst starts flashing through my mind...every single picture ever taken of sister's wedding video......years worth of financial records.....our company's books......pretty much my entire life. So I shoot him a text asking what he means, but then decided that wasn't good enough and called him. He tells me that part of the computer where we plug-in the charger has been completely ripped out. He can't even open it. He mutters through a few more things, I stammer that maybe one of the dogs stepped on it and he all of a sudden tells me he has to call me back. I almost cried. On top of all the things I had already been thinking about I start thinking about the cost of replacing it and what that will mean to our three months plan, our taxes that haven't been finished yet, both business and personal, because of some info our CPA is waiting on that is on that computer, and on and on and on.
Ten minutes later I get an email. Subject line- April Fool's.
Stupid Stupid Jerk.

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Anonymous said...

Seems to me that Don-E just did a MAJOR April Fools that will require some serious thoughts on the payback..................

Sounds as if you need a short break or a vacation.