Thursday, June 12, 2008

Please don't call CPS.

Ahh... it is good to be back.  Those weeks of working while taking care of my boys were crazy.  I really did enjoy the work, but I am also enjoying the non-work!
Things are really good with us.  Not a whole lot is going on really.  My nephew, Christian is in town from Chicago visiting for a few weeks.  His Mom, Don-e's sister, will be here in July so we are looking forward to that.  Don and Michelle celebrated their 30th anniversary on the 10th, so congrats to them.  
Oh, we are (hopefully) going to Reno for the Fourth of July weekend.  My brother will be there visiting at the same time so we will (hopefully) get to see the whole family.
This last weekend we went out with some friends on their boat.  It was Elijah's first time, and while he wasn't a big fan of the lifejacket he had to where, as you will see in the picture below, he had a really really good time.  Hence the request that you not call CPS.

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Anonymous said...

You would think that at least he would share his drink........


Just like his Mom and Dad.