Friday, May 23, 2008

Hello My Peps.

I am not pregnant.  And a little frustrated about it too.
Moving on.....
How is your day?  All is well over here on this Eve of Memorial Day Weekend.  It is very hot though.  I am pretty sure we are going to beat the heat by swimming as much as possible this weekend.  Thanks Don and Michelle!
The crazy busyness is as crazy as ever, but our friends will be home next week, and I am pretty sure I will miss the working.  From what they have told me though, they are having a great time.  I actually googled one of the beach towns they visited in Italy to be able to show you pictures but for whatever reason got a bunch of porn so I got scared and slammed the computer closed.  
The kid is saying dog pretty much constantly now.  Only he doesn't say the g, and every time he says it he had to say it 15 times right in a row.  But it is cute, and we are one word closer to the 10 he is supposed to be able to say by 15 months.  Oh, and if you play patty cake with him he will do the 'roll it' part and the 'mark it part'.  The cuteness around here threatens to consume us all.  
Tonight we are going to a movie in the park with some friends.  Should be fun, I am just hoping that we don't get some freak rain storm with as humid as it is today!

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Susan aka Mom said...

Hey, Serenity,

Remember that babies come in God's timing, not necessarily yours.
Maybe you need to perfect your practice?

Maybe God is holding out for twins?

Love you,
S aka Mom