Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Project

Hello all, I am here to share my project with you.  I am working on 'fixing up' our yard.  For those of you that do not know, our house in on 1/3 of an acre, so we have a fairly large yard.  There just isn't much to it.  I took pictures to show you!!

This is a bed that I put in earlier this year at the back of our house.  The window goes into our office/spare bedroom.  Our backdoor is to the left of the brick.  The plants that are coming up are some bulbs that I got from one of our neighbors and my father-in-law.  I could not begin to tell you what they are.  I think one of the varieties is a hybrid iris, but there is another somethingorother in there too.  The problem with this bed is that
 both of these flowers need way more sunlight than they are getting here.  I think for this year I will leave them where they are, to see how they do.  I will just need to add some more color with something that will do okay in the shade.

This bed is to the left of the back of our house.  We have these horrible bazillion feet tall bushes that surround our entire backyard.  We measured it out and with these things we lose 20 feet of yard space.  This is the space left when we took out one of these horrible things.  Don't yet know what we are going to do with it, but it is hideous and has to change.

This is just some cute kid that keeps hanging around here.  
After some many weeks of him just being here I think we might just keep him.

This is the front of the house, to the left of the front door.  These are some kind of holly bush that were here when we bought the house.  We are not a big fan of them, but we think we might have come up with a way to make them okay.  There is some room in the bed in front of them, and the front of our house really needs color, but again, there is very little sun so we are going to have to find something that will work in the shade.  Anyone have any suggestions?

I am very excited that we actually are going to put some work into the yard this year.  I will keep you updated on the progress, and if you have any ideas and suggestion please let me know!

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