Thursday, January 29, 2009


I have come to realize, in these last few weeks of my 24th year, that I have always had a huge misconception of what life should be like. I have always thought that it should be normal, in the very sense of the word. But while whomever first started spreading this misconception was badly mistaken I am beginning to think that it could very well have been just some other person trying so hard, like me, to live a normal life. They, like me, just didn't realize that normal isn't possible. Now, I may be acting far more melodramatic than is necessary, but I am so ready for simple. Easy. Not boring, and never without good doses of love and passion of all kinds, but without chaos. Without drama and crisis. Without heartbreak and loss. But this does not seem to be a description that can be applied to our life. Please do not misconstrue my message here, we have had very happy times. I have never experienced joy like that which I have experienced since marrying Don-e, since becoming a mother, but it has never been normal.

Don-e is completely healed from the myocarditis. At this point there is no indication of any residual damage. His blood pressure is still slightly elevated and his cholesterol is on the high side but comparatively these are minor issues. He will be on blood pressure medication for awhile. He has to take more fish oil on a daily basis. More tests will be run to check the progression on his heart's reconstruction. But I am still not fully recovered from the emotional toll the episode took. We financially are not caught up. My over-all health was pushed to the bottom of the priority list and I am now having to deal with the repercussions of that.

We got pregnant in December. We lost the baby barely two weeks into it. They say it is called a chemical pregnancy. That is the classification of a pregnancy before it is visible on an ultrasound machine. After it is, it is referred to as a clinical pregnancy. After some testing it appears that I am completely healthy.

We have been trying since April. My doctor thinks that this is a result of some of the medications that they had Don-e on during his stint in the ICU. That at this point they should just about be out of his system and we should start aggressively trying. I guess we'll see, won't we.

My sister miscarried last week as well. It breaks my heart to even type that.

As I type all of this I am frustrated with myself. Frustrated that I am allowing any portion of these unsettling times to effect me. Because I know. I know that through Christ I can do all things. That He will never allow a burden I can not handle. But, oh, I am weak. My flesh is weak. I am finding comfort in that though. Because in my weakness HE is strong.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Darling,

You need a hug. Because of the distance between us, you'll have to consider this my hug to you, until I can do it in person.
The very definition of life is that change is the only constant that you can count on.
Read Don-E's copy of "Who Moved My Cheese" that is in the guest room.
I love you.
NV Mom