Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Eeesh. Am writing slacker.

Bridgett will be one in..... eight days. She started walking about a week ago and has 8 teeth. She is such a happy, content baby just like her brother. Just like we told ourselves we would never get off so easy as to have a second time. She is a bit feistier. She actually throws temper tantrums even. Don-e calls her Serenity's daughter when it happens.

Elijah in no way resembles a baby at all. Or a toddler. He is all boy. A little man. Today after Don-e and I had finished jogging he tells Don-e he wants to run too and ends up running 1/2 mile. Then goes inside and runs around for twenty minutes while he tells me the story of running 1/2 a mile. He loves to tell stories. I have no idea where he comes up with half of them, but they are amazing. They make no sense whatsoever, but I am amazed every time he tells one.

Don-e passed the first test for the Austin Fire Department. If he gets no further I am more proud of him than I could ever say. 3,300 of the 5,500 guys that took the test didn't pass. But he did. He has made our business a successful one. He was let go from Hill Country the first of November and since that time has made Donkey Design flourish. He still makes my heart pound.

Hero is perfect. He lets my daughter poke her finger into his eye and my son sit on his head, and he is still perfect. And he still spoons with me when I want him too. Even sometimes when I don't.

I am good too.

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Anonymous said...

Ahh, you've found the little moments that make a lifetime worthwhile. Stay in the moment and hang on to everyone that you can. mom