Thursday, June 3, 2010

So Much

Have you ever seen anything more delicious? Me neither!

There is so much going on in life right now it's hard to know where to begin... Yesterday my little girl passed her three month mark. Unbelievably. She seems to be one of those babies that hits the 12 week mark and things become magically better. She's been sleeping through the night for several weeks now, but up until the last few days she has been a total pill with the process of actually going to sleep. She would fight and fight going to sleep at night, and almost never sleep during the day. The combination made for a grumpy little girl. I thought that maybe with as easy and laid back of a baby as Elijah was we were just getting our turn with a high maintenance baby, but since she's been sleeping better during the day she has become such a happy little girl! She is starting to figure out how to use her hands, which is so much fun. I think she may be starting the slippery road to teething, although I can not feel any little teeths yet. All in all our new little bundle is doing very well.

Elijah is doing amazing. A couple of weeks ago we started him at a preschool program. It is run out of a gymnastic place, so on top of the standard curriculum he gets to spend some time doing basic gymnastic moves. He comes home exhausted, which is awesome. We want to get him in their actual gymnastic program, but that will have to wait a bit.

As you probably guessed, we are doing some work on our house. A little bit more than some, actually. We're converting our garage into a master suite and adding room onto our kitchen/dining area. We will then open up what is our master bedroom now to make more of a great room area in our living room. Eventually we will add on a new garage, but all of this is being done in stages as we have the funds and a garage is on the bottom of the list. Don-e is doing all of the work himself, save for the little bit of help I can give around keeping two kids alive and some sporadic help from his Dad and friends. The man is amazing. I have no idea how he knows how to do so much. And he is doing all of this on top of his schoolwork and working full time and running a business. Talk about superman...

Not sure I have mentioned it here yet or not, but Don-e is going to be a fire fighter. That is what he is going to school for. He has tried to get into a couple of the smaller departments for towns around us, but his main goal is the Austin fire department. They will do their hiring the end of the summer. Keep your fingers crossed!

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Enjoy every minute of every day in your world; time passes WAY too quickly. Stay in the moment.