Sunday, March 28, 2010

Once again..

Goodness gracious, what a drama queen I am. I just read my last post, and I have to admit that with all the whining I was doing I don't even remember what was wrong. Next time I write something like that I hope someone slaps me.

Life has changed quite a bit since last fall. I have a daughter. Surprise! Well, anybody that actually reads this wont be surprised, but if anyone ever comes and reads this straight through, well than... Surprise!

Now... on to some house cleaning... I do, constantly, feel drawn to create with the written word. I love writing, would even like to write a novel one day, but I do not think this blog is the way for me to express myself creatively. I think that I may have failed at blogging so terribly because I have been looking to it to be my creative outlet. I don't have enough confidence in my writing to truly put out into the black hole of the internet what I really want to write. So, in saying all that I am changing how I look at this web page. So welcome to an online update of our life. That's it. If you aren't interested in what happens in our life, go some place else to find your entertainment. I will be your monkey no longer!

Today is March 28th. I am sitting on our back porch in almost 80
degree weather while Don-e mows our lawn. Both of my children are napping. (Miraculous, I know) This morning we went with Don, Michelle and Christian to a park where we m
et some friends for a community Easter egg hunt. Elijah and Thaelon, our friends kid, were super cute with their baskets. Typical boys they spent the
entire time before the hunt hitting each other with them.

Now, to introduce you to Bridgett Nicole Harris. This picture is from the day we brought her home from the hospital. She was born on March 2nd, 2010. Which makes her birthday 3-2-10. Only the smart people will figure out why that is awesome.
This picture is from yesterday. Maybe the day before. I don't remember. Some days are a little hazy as we don't always get a lot of sleep!
She is, in most ways an amazing baby. She still has her days and nights mixed up a little bit, but as she isn't even 4 weeks old yet I suppose I should cut her some slack. She eats good, and poops good and really I shouldn't complain about the sleeping thing because she already is getting much better at it. And, she sleeps like a champ during the day!

I do have to say that having two kids is a lot of work. Way more than double the work of one. But I love it. Elijah is amazing with her already and while we have had a few little issues, he loves her. He even calls her HIS baby. Seeing Don-e cradle our little girl in his arms is one of the sweetest experiences of my life. I have to say, with almost no bias, that our little family is pretty much perfect.

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Anonymous said...

Such a cutie! She is as sweet and beautiful as the rest of her family. I miss you all so much; I am so anticipating events lining up so that I can see you all again soon. Take care of all of you, mostly you.....